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The Board would like to thank Mark Lafferty for his tireless efforts while establishing the foundation for the rules and regulations and the shed proposal that is currently up for vote.

The board, along with the various committees, have been extremely busy in the past few months.  Prior to the turn over, many of the routine maintenance items were not addressed fully by Ryland (mulch, playgrounds, bike path etc….). We’ve been working to bring them up to par and developing long term plans for the future that will allow us to maximize our return.

The Board recently received the Reserve Study which we are still reviewing and analyzing.  According to the study we need to double the funds that are set aside in the ‘reserve’ each year. The board is striving to do that without increasing the annual assessment for 2008.  In order to meet that goal, we have to prioritize each aspect of the community and decide what is necessary and what would be considered ‘nice to have.’  It’s our belief that better planning will allow the increased savings in the long run.

You should have received a packet from Foster Premier which included several important documents including a ballot for proposed declaration changes, as well as, a copy of the Timber Trails Home Owners’ Association Rules and Regulations.  The Rules and Regulations are simply a clarification of the Declarations, established by the builder/developer and the Village of Gilberts prior to any development.

What else is the Board of Directors up to?

  • reviewing bids for the 2008 landscaping contract.
  • reviewing bids for 2007-2008 Bike Path Snow Removal.
  • reviewing quotes for the treatment of the pond at the intersection of Meadows Dr. and Gregory M. Sears Dr. as well as the continuing maintenance of the pond at the entrance near Meadows Dr. and Big Timber Rd.
  • reviewing our 2008 insurance needs.
  • obtaining quotes from arborists to develop a long term plan for the community as opposed to simply replacing dead trees each year.
  • obtaining quotes for the 2008 Property Management contract.
  • obtaining quotes and landscape plans to begin planting perennials at the entrances, as opposed annuals, in an effort to achieve the aesthetics residents desire while reducing long-term costs.
  • working on the 2008 budget.
  • waiting for the final results of the Audit.

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