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  • All residents should have recieved a packet from Foster Premier containing ballots for suggested changes to the Timber Trails Home Owners’ Assocation Declarations. In order for changes to be made to the Declarations, 75% of all members of the community (including the single family, townhomes, villas, and courthomes) must vote in favor.
  • The Board is currently:
    • reviewing bids for the 2008 landscaping contract.
    • reviewing bids for 2007-2008 Bike Path Snow Removal.
    • reviewing quotes for the treatment of the pond at the intersection of Meadows Dr. and Gregory M. Sears Dr. as well as the continuing maintenance of the pond at the entrance near Meadows Dr. and Big Timber Rd.
    • reviewing the completed Reserve Study.
    • reviewing the current collection process with our management company and legal firm.
    • obtaining quotes for the 2008 Property Management contract.
    • obtaining quotes and landscape plans to begin planting perennials at the entrances, as opposed annuals, in an effort to achieve the aesthetics residents desire while reducing long-term costs.
    • obtaining quotes from arborists to develop a long term plan for the community as opposed to simply replacing dead trees each year.
    • reviewing our 2008 insurance needs.
    • working on the 2008 budget.
    • waiting for the final results of the Audit.
  • Be on the lookout for the Emerald Ash Borer. All of Kane county is currently quarantined which prohibits anyone from moving ash trees, limbs, branches, logs and other ash products out of the area without a permit. In general, it's best not to move firewood, but instead, buy and use it locally. You can visit the Illinois Department of Agriculture website for more information.
  • Need to dispose of any appliances, steel, or scrap metal?  Although ARC Disposal charges additional fees for the disposal of appliances, Dale Keith of Elgin will pick up these items free of charge. Dale can be reached at (847) 717-3107.

May 2007
Mark Laffrey resigned from the Timber Trails Home Owners’ Assocation Board.  Per section 5.11 of the Timber Trails Home Owners’ Assocation By Laws, the remaining Board of Directors voted and appointed David Lindstrom to fill Mark’s vacated position.  David will serve the remainder of Mark’s term.

In addition, the Board of Directors voted to appoint Suzy Greer as the new acting President and Patrick O’Brien as the Secretary.

    Timber Trails Home Owners’ Association Board of Directors:
    Suzy Greer - President - term ends 10/2008
    Carol Ronan - Treasurer - term ends 10/2008
    Patrick O’Brien - Secretary - term ends 10/2007
    Stefanie Korabik - Trustee - term ends 10/2007
    David Lindstrom- Trustee - term ends 10/2008

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